What is ReteGiving?

ReteGiving is a Digital Event Website and mobile App platform that allows clients to showcase and advertise their events digitally to their existing customers and potential ones to give inform about their businesses, details about previous or upcoming events. Through the client’s event platform, customers or even the clients’ employees can login and access information about events, interact through sending of messages or making donations/giving of gifts towards the event through a secured payment system, able to share events with friends where such needs have been made available by the clients.

I am a Client?

The Client buys a package that is tailored to the needs of his/her event, uploads all necessary data – both written and virtual, to provide the users  full details about the event, such a reason for the event, benefits of the event, date and time, venue, photography gallery, video relating to the event. .

I am a Client’s End User?

I am unable to access the client’s event platform

Check your System Compatibility:

  • Your PC software/browser may not be compatible with ReteGiving Event Platform website and Mobile App
  • A web browser is an application used to access and view websites and mobile App
ReteGiving is compatible with the following browsers and all common operating systems:
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and above
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox latest version
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 9 & 10

 RETEGIVING works on all common operating systems, including laptops, tablets, iPads and mobile devices

My Package

  • Select your chosen plan package by clicking on the interactive button at the bottom of the plan.
  • You can access: Sign Up Page (for Basic plan), Payment Page (for Bronze and Silver plan), Request a Quote (for Gold plan)
  • Make payment using PayPal/Debit or Credit Card

    Access and View my Event Platform
  • With the URL you have been provided, login to your Account
  • Select the buttons on your header and be able to view interactions on your platform and respond.

    Sharing My Account
  • Your account is personal to you
  • Under no circumstances must it be shared with another person/family/friend